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The testing phase of Radio 357 has started

The testing phase of Radio 357 has started

On Wednesday, 23 December, the auction of Radio 357 was listened to by about 93,000 people – a total of nearly 280,000 zlotys was collected. The official start of Radio 357 is getting closer!

Pre-premiere Radio 357 broadcast a test program of Piotr Kaczkowski and an auction conducted by Kuba Strzyczkowski for the Saint Nicholas Foundation. In total, for the Saint Nicholas Foundation – PLN 278,269 was collected for remote learning laptops for children. According to information from the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal, about 93 thousand people listened to the test broadcast. people. The radio also released the first version of its mobile application for Android and iOS smartphones. More tests are coming soon!

The testing phase means Radio 357 is getting closer to the start!

On the website radio357.pl (which is currently only used for testing and is not the final project of the radio website) there is already a skeleton website that has only one task: to allow you to listen to test broadcasts when they are broadcast (i.e. – still – from time to time) ). The aim of the tests is currently to check the transmission quality of the broadcasts, we do not evaluate the website.

If a program is being broadcast at the moment and you can hear it in the player on the website – it’s OK. At other times, the player will display an error. The creators of the radio inform on their channels at what times you can take part in testing the antenna. Patronite supporters of the radio on Patronite can report bugs in a closed Facebook group.

“Radio 357” mobile application

The official application of Radio 357 has already been submitted to Google Play and App Store, is now undergoing verification and will soon be available for free download on devices with Android and iOS systems. The first testers-patrons will test the application.

Currently, the application has been verified in the Google Play Store:

As the creators of Radio 357 recall, it takes 6 to 12 months to build a station, and they try to set it up in just 3 months – so let’s show some understanding and patience, because everything looks like the premiere is just around the corner. Unfortunately, we do not know a specific date yet.

source: Radio 357