Smaller, cheaper and focused directly on portable gaming. That’s how it is Nintendo Switch Lite, a revamped new Nintendo console with which it intends to expand its audience. Limited in features, the device will only allow you to play in handheld mode. Unlike the original model, you will not be able to connect to the TV or separate the controllers, called Joy-Con.

Planned for the September 20, the platform demonstrates with its aesthetics the audience it is aimed at, younger. It will be available in three different colors (yellow, gray and turquoise) at a more affordable price than the original model, about 199 euros. It also differs in other functional aspects: the future Switch Lite has the integrated controls and is somewhat smaller. In fact, it will have a touch screen of 5.5 inch (with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels) instead of the 6.2 inches of the original model and will weigh, in addition, about 275 grams (297 grams in the case of its predecessor).

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It is also unsupported and, as a portable gaming focused device, cannot connect to TV. Therefore, it does not include a base or HDMI cable. There will be small differences in the controls except for a crosshead on the left control and that emulates other previous portable consoles of the veteran Japanese brand. Will offer up to 32GB of internal memory, although the brand warns that the operating system will occupy about 6.2 GB. Under the hood you will find a Tegra Nvidia processor as well as stereo speakers.

With the new device you can play all the titles in the Switch catalog that are compatible with portable mode, but the company warns: although some games will have restrictions. For that, information about the modes that are supported will be detailed on the back of the game boxes.

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It will not change, however, its multiplayer mode. The Nintendo Switch Lite will allow you to access internet services and enjoy compatible titles such as “Super Mario Maker 2”, “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”, “Splatoon 2” or “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” through the online service.


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