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This man tried to smuggle 94 iPhones tied to his body

This man tried to smuggle 94 iPhones tied to his body

In China they discover a man who tried to smuggle 94 iPhones perfectly tied to his body

Some stories related to Apple and its products are certainly incredible, although in these cases it often happens that the product involved is not exactly the center of the news, but the situation itself. As you can read in the headline, in China they have discovered a man trying to smuggle 94 iPhones into the territory to be able to trade with them and profit from the not inconsiderable investment.

As you can guess, the attempt to introduce iPhone in China is nothing new, as dozens of Apple products are seized daily that try to secretly enter the country. In this case, the news lies in the way of hiding them and in the large number of iPhones that this individual was trying to introduce into the territory.

Apparently, the man had bought the iPhones in Hong Kong, where it is much cheaper to acquire them taking into account the difference between currencies. Once the 94 iPhones have been obtained for a value that, in the absence of knowing the models purchased, could well exceed $ 50,000, the man decided to tie them to his body using duct tape to try to cross the controls without raising suspicions.

As can be seen in the image, due to the large amount of iPhone that he was carrying, he had to cover practically all parts of your body with apple smartphones. Come on, a walking loot of over $ 50,000. Unfortunately for him, it seems that the experiment did not end well and despite his clever move, he could not avoid raising the suspicions of the Chinese police, who happened to arrest him and seize those almost 100 iPhones that he brought with the intention of reselling them.

The total value of the 94 iPhones could have exceeded $ 50,000

The black market for Apple products in China is a very frequent and very lucrative business, especially in the years when Apple did not yet have a physical presence in the country. Without going any further, before the arrival of the new iPhone 6 to the country, the iPhone 6 Plus reached an incredible $ 3,000 on the black market.

As we see in the Huffington Post, it seems that the man was finally detected due to his “abnormally stiff” position and his “strange gait” that presented. Undoubtedly, a curious story that, unfortunately for man, could face significant prison sentences.