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  5. Thule Gauntlet Folio review for iPad Air – interesting case for Apple tablet

Thule Gauntlet Folio review for iPad Air – interesting case for Apple tablet

Thule Gauntlet Folio review for iPad Air – interesting case for Apple tablet

The leader of the car boot market – the Swedish company THULE, has probably chosen the market of accessories for popular smartphones for good, because the offer includes more and more interesting products dedicated to electronic mobile devices, and not only to cars.

This time THULE surprised us with a new case for the popular iPad Air (not Air 2!). The Thule Gauntlet Folio cover that we received for testing is blue with an interesting color, which perfectly matches the colors of our website in Szczecin ;-).

The cover is entirely made of plastic with an interesting texture and embossing character.

The whole thing is underlined by the well-known all over the world logo of quite large size, which, apart from the information function – this was done by THULE, the Swedish leader in car trunks – also somehow decorates the cover.

The cover that covers the front and back of the tablet feels very solid. Its thickness is over 0.5 cm per side, which only seems to confirm this. The case itself also protrudes beyond the size of the tablet, which should adequately protect the tablet from mechanical damage in the event of the device falling onto the edge.

The cover supports the Sleep function, which in practice means that opening the case immediately starts the tablet, and closing it – turns off the screen.

This is a very convenient functionality, which, importantly, begins to appear in non-Apple covers.

Staying at the front cover for a moment, I will add that it is written with a double, rubber grip directly on the tablet casing, which is a solid clasp and minimal risk of the case opening by itself, which could expose the device to accidental damage.

On the inside, the cover is lined with a delicate, but very artificial material. Its texture resembles a cloth, or even some kind of carpet lying on the floor. I saw more interesting and pleasant to the touch linings on this part of the covers. The ones used in THULE Guantlet Folio are not bad, however.

The manufacturer in this case has used a slightly different tablet holder solution than the typical large insert, with which we most often deal with this type of case.

The tablet is only held at two corners and at the left edge of the device. Even so, we don’t get the impression of a lack of solidity in the grip.

Thanks to this procedure, the tablet in the case not only was able to lose weight, but also offered a very convenient stand.

The back cover of the case does not differ in color from the front cover. The only difference is the embossed holes in its surface for the microphone installed in the back of the tablet, used to record sound during filming, the one for the lens of the built-in camera.

The case is made very solidly. I enjoyed using it during the test. Its construction does not in any way hinder any actions on the tablet – those related to the work with the device and its operation (charging, switching from switches, etc.