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Together against Google and Facebook: Verizon wants to merge Yahoo with AOL

Together against Google and Facebook: Verizon wants to merge Yahoo with AOL

According to media reports, the telecommunications company Verizon is paying $ 4.8 billion for the ailing Internet pioneer Yahoo. In its prime, it was worth $ 100 billion. Now it is to be merged with the media group AOL.

The sale to Verizon was considered the most promising solution for Yahoo in months of negotiations. The group had not succeeded in spinning off stakes in the Chinese trading platform Alibaba tax-free for the shareholders. Instead, the core business is now to be sold, reports the media, citing the dpa. The two holdings with a current shipyard of around 40 billion dollars, it is said, should remain with the previous company.

Yahoo was founded more than 20 years ago as a directory of websites. The company found hundreds of millions of users with online services such as email, but had been struggling to monetize them for years. Most of the income came from online advertising, but its business is increasingly dominated by Google and Facebook.

After several bosses tried unsuccessfully to steer the company on the right track, Marissa Mayer took over the helm four years ago. She expanded the media offering, invested in the expansion of the Yahoo search engine and wanted to reach young users by purchasing the Tumblr blog platform. The net advertising revenues fell anyway, the purchase of Tumblr pulled Yahoo further down – meanwhile the group had to write off two thirds of the purchase price again.

Now Marissa Mayer is leaving – according to media reports with a severance payment of an impressive 57 million US dollars. The telecommunications giant Verizon meanwhile wants to merge Yahoo with the Internet branch AOL. Apparently, the US-American group expects the new association to be effective against the biggest competitors in the online advertising business, Google and Facebook. It is questionable whether this will work out. In the Handelsblatt “Morning Briefing” editor-in-chief Hans-Jürgen Jakobs writes: “Marissa Mayer (has) Wonderful fairy tales of a speedy recovery have been sold for years to the most beautiful smile, which is now being sweetened with a farewell package of around 57 million dollars. Why the double oldie Yahoo-AOL should stand up to Google and Facebook, perhaps some fortune-tellers know. “