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TOP 10 games of the month on the App Store (September 2018)

TOP 10 games of the month on the App Store (September 2018)

The editors of the App Store chose the TOP 10 mobile games for iOS devices, which, in their opinion, deserved attention this month.

In the App Store with applications and mobile games for iOS, in the “Today” tab, there are daily offers of new and old titles recommended by Apple editors. The summary of September 2018 is the entry entitled “TOP OF THE MONTH: 10 games that ❤️ in September”.

This is a ranking of the top ten mobile games selected by the editors of the App Store. Among the titles are free and paid games that are worth recommending.

This opportunity may not repeat itself. Turn on your phone or tablet (old or new) and let yourself be blown away by the fun. Classic movie characters, crazy racing games and confusing puzzles are waiting for you to draw you in. Pick your favorite titles and learn about the App Store Editors’ selection.

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Below you will find the entire TOP 10 ranking along with short descriptions and links to the App Store and Google Play stores (most games are also available for Android devices)!

1. Doctor Who Infinity (jigsaw puzzles) – free

Soon fans from all over the world will learn about the next adventures of the time traveling doctor. Meanwhile, you can play a game created by the show’s production team. Doctor Who Infinity is a unique puzzle where you will meet old and new Doctors and, of course, monsters.

2. Gravity Rider: Power Run (slot machines) – free

Gravity Rider is like a rollercoaster ride with the difference that here you do not sit in a cart, but glide along a colorful route by motorcycle. Beautiful graphics, customizable bikes and fun. Here is a great choice for fans of two wheels. You can play in single player mode or take on other opponents online.

3. Kung Fu Clicker (simulations) – free

What’s going on here? We already explain: first you need to build a training room, and then tap the screen to defend it. That’s it. Cartoony graphics, fun characters and a new game world are really addictive! By tapping on the screen, you take care of business and fight intruders trying to get into the building.

4. Layton: Curious Village HD (Adventure, Puzzle) – (iOS, Android: PLN 47.99)

Do you like puzzles, logical tasks and the charming atmosphere of a small town? We have something for you: Layton: Curious Village HD. This is the must-play game this month. This amazing crime adventure game will keep you hooked for a long time, even if you don’t like solving puzzles. You do not believe? Find out what it is about. You’ll love the charm and style of the game – Professor Layton is as fun and brilliant as ever.

5. Life is Strange: Before the Storm (adventure) – free

Meet Chloe – a teenager experiencing life dilemmas. Now her fate is in your hands. The game is a three-episode prequel to the beloved adventure game Life is Strange. Do you like to delve into great stories? This is something for you – whether you know the original game or not yet.

6. Monster Hunter Stories (RPG) – (iOS: PLN 94.99, Android: PLN 68.99)

Here’s a new game from the popular Monster Hunter series. Its creators decided to provide players with a completely new experience. The title continues to invite you to a huge, exciting world full of monsters and constant battles. However, the gameplay has changed – instead of challenging real-time battles with beasts, you fight turn-based battles. Now you can collect and breed monsters. you can even make friends with them if you want.

7. Returner Zhero (adventure) – (iOS: PLN 23.99)

Imagine you are a scientist trying to get out of a powerful crystal spacecraft. It sounds inviting? Play Returner Zhero. This beautiful puzzle is a continuation of the popular game from 2017 Returner 77. The title impresses with a spectacular scenery out of this world, and exciting cutscenes are shown between countless puzzles. Revelation!

8. SHI • RO (puzzles, puzzles) – (iOS: PLN 13.99)

In SHI • RO you have to solve puzzles painted on a Japanese casket. Once you’ve figured them out, you’ll discover a touching love story. We have a little tip: move the device and you will see the casket shine – as if it was right in front of you!

9. Wall Kickers (action) – free

Jumping monkeys and simple gameplay. This is the perfect game for the train or for a free moment after a hard day’s work. It’s so addictive that when you start playing, you don’t want to stop. All you think about is breaking your record and unlocking new monkeys (or other animals), pirates or ninjas. “Just one more time and turn it off.” You know it?

10. Warhammer AoS: Realm War (action) – free

It turns out that the MOBA genre works great in the digital version of Warhammer. The world of the classic board game created by Games Workshop is the perfect backdrop for PvP fights. We are convinced that this title will steal the hearts of many players. You can collect cards, conquer new areas and participate in short battles. Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War – great fun guaranteed!

source: App Store Polska