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Two editorials, one issue: Online Marketing Rockstars hijack the sales economy

Two editorials, one issue: Online Marketing Rockstars hijack the sales economy

A printed booklet? New territory for online marketing rock stars. absatzwirtschaft made the wish come true, one day to hold a book of one’s own in one’s hands. The first edition in 2016, designed by the young and wild in the industry

You’re not in awe of that, are you? In the last edition of 2015 and at the German Marketing Day, we paid homage to the pioneer of marketing in Germany, Heribert Meffert.

At the start of the year we let the young and wild ones into the editorial office: the online marketing rock stars. The marketing platform is certainly already known to one or the other. Flagship of Hamburger is the two-day festival with conference and expo in Hamburg. The event has blossomed into a marketing fair alongside Dmexco and is currently shaking up the industry. Because the makers have a completely new view of marketing. Since state-of-the-art marketing is exactly our thing, we gladly let the absatzwirtschaft editors hijack the rock stars.

The package is impressive: The list of the new big names in marketing is particularly exciting, and of course all of them are socialized online.

We are pleased that the Online Marketing Rockstars team has “picked up the book” and given us a nice dose of digital marketing intravenously.

Welcome on board!

When absatzwirtschaft was founded in 1958, Konrad Adenauer was a political star and ARD was about as new as YouTube is today. It should be another 20 years take up the older part of the Rockstars editorial staffon would even see the light of day.

We are accordingly proud that the makers of one of the big brands in the German marketing and sales scene asked us to design their magazine. We have of course tried to show ourselves at our best, most interesting, educational and entertaining side. Many of the stories and perspectives we built for the magazine are typical “online marketing rock stars material” as we love it. To this end, we sat together with the whole team and with many friends and discussed intensively in order to put together the very first list of the “50 online marketer of the year”. Maybe some of the guys and girls on this list will one day lose their place in marketing history.

We hope you have fun (the “you” must be today, of course). Many of the top 50 and we will soon be there to see in person. We look forward to seeing you on February 25th and 26th. at the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival in the Hamburg exhibition halls.

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