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Two weeks with the Samsung Tab S5e tablet: a good iPad rival?

Two weeks with the Samsung Tab S5e tablet: a good iPad rival?

Tablets have long ceased to interest the market. This type of device has been plummeting for ten quarters. The update rate is very small compared to that of mobiles. It is a device that its users change less frequently. And that affects, certainly to sales. Also, one thing happens: since they were born a decade ago, tablets have not really found their place. Straddling mobile phones and computers, they have evolved for several years but are still a rare bird in the ecosystem of electronic devices. Is it worth buying a tablet in full 2019?

Some brands like Apple have bet squarely on tablets. Its next version of the software will advance significantly to try to be, this time, the replacement for the laptop.

Throughout this marathon they have also improved their performance. “Pro” models – more expensive, yes – try to fight in the same war as computers. And Samsung wants to make a hole. It is one of the most powerful brands in this market segment.

Data sheet

Screen10.5 inchesResolution3,840 x 2,160 p.Dimensions245 x 160 x 5.5 mmWeight400 gramsChipSnapdragon 670RAM4 / 6 GBMemory64 / 128 GBRAM6 GBCamera13 MP and 8 MP frontBattery7,040 mAh with fast chargeSOAndroid 9.0 with One UIPriceFrom 391 euros

And now it’s trying to cover a mid-range segment with the new Tab S5e that bets on contained prices. A device that shows, in part, the way of the future of tablets. Unlike Apple with its low cost tablets, the South Korean firm has managed to reduce the edges – without reaching the level of a mobile – and pack an elegant and refined design. It is also a very light and thin device. Only 400 grams of weight. It handles very well and is transported comfortably.

The screen, of 10.5 inches, it is Amoled type. This is a well-known technology. It is already a brand of the house and achieves good results in all types of content. It has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, like the best Samsung tablets. It offers several modes to adjust some parameters of the general display, the equipment responds. Offers good performance. If we open the hood we find a Snapdragon 670 chip and two versions of 4 and 6 GB of RAM. They are more than enough especially for office automation tasks.

Its storage can be one of the most questionable points, because it has two configurations de 64 and 128 GB but working in the cloud allows you to save space. The experience, however, can present certain doubts as it is, of course, a computer with Android, which seems to be an adaptation to this format of the mobile ecosystem. Fortunately, it has Samsung’s DeX mode that improves some features and details such as application adaptation. There he still has work to do.

It comes with a built-in sensor fingerprints and a facial recognition system that generally works well, although in low light conditions it suffers a lot. Where it also manages to offer a good experience is the sound. It is made up of four powerful speakers that achieve a stereo effect and has a system that adapts the sound depending on the angle of the tablet.

having a flat surface, it can be a good option. Placed on the knees it is unstable, although it is something that happens with this type of keyboard covers. Given its size, it is sometimes somewhat limited when it comes to writing fluently but it is quite sensitive and precise when it comes to transmitting information. Easily connects via a three-pin connector located on a frame of the tablet.

In addition, and to get closer to the experience of a laptop, a wireless mouse can be connected. This time, I have tested it with a Razer Atheris and the pointer operation is very accurate. What is missing, on the other hand, is the support with an S Pen. It has a battery of 7,040 mAh with fast charge that allows you to last almost a day in full “tute”.