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United Airlines Dreamliner aims to revolutionize the flight experience

United Airlines Dreamliner aims to revolutionize the flight experience

The new United Airlines Boeing 787 is set to revolutionize the flight experience for guests and crews in the future through greater comfort and efficiency. The new Dreamliner, which was presented to the public on August 2nd in Everett near Washington, is also designed to take environmental protection into account by reducing emissions.

United Airlines is the North American launch customer for the new Dreamliner and is expected to receive the first planes in September. The airline has a firm order for 50 Boeing 787s to be delivered by 2019.

Longer range and less fuel consumption

Built mainly with composite materials, the Dreamliner has 30 percent more range and uses around 20 percent less fuel than aircraft of a similar size, according to Boeing. The jet is also designed to be environmentally friendly, as emissions and noise levels have been greatly reduced during take-off and landing.

New non-stop connections possible

The 787 is to take on new non-stop connections that guests with United could not reach so far. Including the recently announced connection from Denver to Tokyo, which will start next spring.

More comfort and an improved entertainment system

The cabins are equipped with 36 seats in United BusinessFirst, 72 seats in United Economy Plus and 111 seats in United Economy. According to Boeing, passengers expect more comfort through improved lighting, larger windows, more spacious luggage racks, lower cabin pressure and an improved ventilation system, as well as other amenities in detail. The entertainment system on board the 787 is new in design. It should offer better and more intuitive operation as well as more options. The guest is given the opportunity to choose programs in their own language.

Design developed exclusively for the fleet

United’s presentation also gives a first glimpse of the aircraft’s interior and its individual design – a design that was developed exclusively for the fleet. A gold line surrounds the fuselage and runs from the aircraft nose to the tail. This design is inspired by the curved line on every Boeing machine, which is known as the manufacturer’s trademark. The line was adapted for the United 787 and symbolizes the long cooperation between the two companies.

Video of the presentation of the new Boeing 787 on August 2, 2012 in Everett, Washington