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We already know why the iPhone 8 will be more expensive

We already know why the iPhone 8 will be more expensive

With exceptions for specific niches, Apple has been the only mobile phone firm that has dared to overcome the barrier of 1,000 euros for one of its smartphones, the iPhone 7. And it did it with the previous generation as well. But it will also be the first, according to leaks, to exceed 1,200 euros with the iPhone 8. According to these same data, the iPhone 8 will be one of the three new mobiles that Apple will release next September, but the only one with OLED as technology for your screen, and everything points to this is one of the reasons for its extra cost.

Regarding the sale price, the unit production cost for each iPhone is ridiculous. You also have to take into account other indirect costs that the development of each new generation supposes to Apple, but the Cupertino firm maintains a wide margin. In more concrete figures, Apple has made a disbursement of 40 dollars the installation of each IPS panel in an iPhone 7, and there are much cheaper components such as, for example, the main and secondary camera modules. And it is for the 3D Touch technologyso the screen, although with IPS technology, is one of the most expensive components.

The OLED panel of the iPhone 8 will significantly increase its production cost, so much as to reach 1,200 euros?

Not again, Apple is not going to reach that sale price with its production costs above 1,200 euros, but it is true that with him leap to OLED technology production costs will be affected. So much so that, according to the most reliable calculations so far, Apple is now paying for its IPS screens for the iPhone 7 by $ 40 a unit, while OLED panels will suppose $ 71 per unit. Already between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s, the Cupertino company experienced a significant cost overrun, as we mentioned earlier, due to the inclusion of 3D Touch technology. But this time the climb will be higher.

But according to these same data, IPS will remain on iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, and obviously the price of these components advances in a favorable way for the Cupertino company, then with them it could offset the increase in production costs that will affect the iPhone 8. And be that as it may, despite the fact that at that point there are only 31 dollars per unit change, everything indicates that yes, 1,200 euros will be exceeded.