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“We implement market requirements in products made of contemporary materials”

“We implement market requirements in products made of contemporary materials”

The aim of Vileda GmbH is to be the first international mechanical cleaning brand to offer a range of environmentally friendly and sustainable products. The move with Export GmbH, FHP Holding and Freudenberg Household Products KG to the “Vileda House” in the Weinheim Technology Park and the newly introduced “Naturals” sub-brand are intended to reinforce this focus. Uwe Scheuermann, Managing Director of the Interview with Vileda GmbH.

Mr. Scheuermann, what are the specific advantages for Vileda in merging several companies in the “Vileda House”?

UWE SCHEUERMANN: The house, whose floor plan was based on the initial letter “V” of the Vileda brand and which was one of the first buildings in Germany to be recognized by the German Sustainable Building Council, brings 200 employees even closer together. Direct exchange is strengthened under one roof. From here, jointly developed concepts, strategies and products are carried out into the world. The company’s success is driven by its innovative strength, which should always be lived. We want our colleagues to feel comfortable and happy to contribute to the further development of Vileda.

On what obligation is your understanding of “sustainability” based?

SCHEUERMANN: With the window cloth as the first Vileda product in 1948, housework was made easier and more effective. We have set ourselves the goal of continuously optimizing our products and innovatively implementing the latest requirements for cleaning and care products. For example, our products are characterized by durability, washability, ease of use and ergonomics. We consider the careful use of resources both in the development process and in the entire product life cycle. For us it is important to take into account all three values ​​of sustainable management, namely ecological, social and economic. We see this as our long-term, daily task.

How much do you use recycled materials for the production of household cleaning items and how do you communicate this?

SCHEUERMANN: Vileda’s long-term orientation and cross-generational mindset was a key approach to developing environmentally friendly products in the past. For example, the so-called “double injection process” is used in the “Superfeger 3in1 V-Style broom”. The outer shell of the broom head is made of new PET material and filled with 70 percent recycled PET material. In addition, the bristles are made from 100 percent recycled polyester, which is obtained from used plastic bottles. For Naturals products, we use materials made from renewable, natural resources such as cotton, viscose, flax, polylactic acid (PLA) obtained from corn starch, and recycled materials. On packaging and in TV campaigns, it is also communicated that the products have a long shelf life and that cleaning agents can be used sparingly when used.

What brand strategy are you pursuing with the environmentally friendly “Naturals” towel series made from renewable resources that you launched in July?

SCHEUERMANN: The introduction of the “Naturals” sub-brand is intended to consistently continue the ecological focus as part of the sustainability of our company and to implement the Freudenberg Group’s active environmental awareness down to the last detail of the products. This orientation is also underlined by the Vileda brand values, which are expressed in innovative products that are ergonomically optimized and aesthetically pleasing. We focus on
To offer effective and efficient products that help save time on housework and help you feel good at home.

From September a flat mop system and a mop will complete the range. What is important in marketing so that the products are primarily accepted by supporters of the “Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability” (LOHAS)?

SCHEUERMANN: With the market launch of the new, green product line, Vileda is specifically taking into account the needs of the brand-loyal “LOHAS Group”, which already makes up a third of the population. These particularly well-funded, critical and opinion-forming customers have a strong awareness of ecological and ethical products, including in the area of ​​“washing-cleaning-cleaning” (WPR). The new product line is intended to convince with its ethical principle and, thanks to its overall ecological concept, shows a high willingness to buy, especially in this target group.

Which innovations do you expect the most in the course of this financial year and why?

SCHEUERMANN: We want to offer customers and trading partners the products they need. The Naturals range supports this idea together with the new towel initiative. After the introduction of the ecological sub-brand, we will be supplementing the range of wipes with new microfiber 2-in-1 wipes and the microfiber duster with a wipe packaging relaunch at the same time. In this way, we implement the latest market requirements in a targeted manner in innovative products made from contemporary materials.

Martina Monsees asked the questions.