Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man were also instructed behind this hero, but of course not as you might think.

We have no idea when the Revenge team will be able to reassemble, but it is certain that thanks to Thanos ’work, new members will be replacing more veterans. There will certainly be a Farewell Eye (Jeremy Renner) among the farewells, who will pass the baton to his successor in a Disney + series, and according to a new report, his absence will be more painful than we think.

A website called Film Franchise Showdown deals with determining the value of popular franchises based on data collection and uses two metrics: ROI is return on investment (how many times box office revenue exceeded budget), and critical scores are self-evident (iMDB and Metacritic ratings). , is calculated on the basis of votes and awards).

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One of their most recent studies looked at the ROI of the heroes of the Marvel Film Universe to find the most valuable member. At the forefront is Falcon’s Eye, which included six films (Thor, Avengers, Avengers: The Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinite War and Endgame, although he was present in Infinite War only at the level of mention). The bow hero’s return per film to success rate was 5.3, while Thor was able to show 5.06, Captain America 4.9, and Iron Man 4.8. Here is the top 10 list:

10. Doctor Strange
9. Black Panther
8. Hulk
7. Nick Fury
6. Thor
5. Iron man
4. Captain America
3. Black widow
2. Space Lord
1. Falcon eye

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Which of the following are your favorite characters?


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