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Why Do People Buy iPhone 7?

Why Do People Buy iPhone 7?

See the top reasons why people decide to buy the latest iPhone 7 from Apple?

From a study by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch on US customers, we can find out why most consumers choose to upgrade their old smartphone to the iPhone 7. Like almost every new generation of iPhone, so do the new iPhones 7 and 7 Plus they offer a better display, quality and camera. But which are the most compelling reasons for deciding to buy a new iPhone 7?

Top Reasons to Decide to Buy an iPhone 7

The number one reason that plays a key role in making the decision to purchase a new model is to ensure Apple that the iPhone 7’s battery lasts longer. The smaller model offers up to 2 hours less additional battery life than the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus model. The second reason was waterproof and dustproof (IP67 certified). For people who visit the beach or swimming pool frequently, water resistance and protection against dust is a nice addition for sure.

Better quality of photos taken with the camera and faster processor were the third and fourth reasons, respectively. As many as 47% of customers who decided to buy this year’s Apple smartphone model had a contract with a mobile operator, entitling them to receive a new iPhone model. The iPhone 7 Plus’s dual camera took a modest 7th place, and the new color options took 8th place.

  1. battery life: 65%
  2. water resistance: 59%
  3. camera resolution / photo quality: 54%
  4. better processor: 52%
  5. RAM: 49%
  6. contract with operator: 47%
  7. dual camera: 37%
  8. appearance / design: 23%
  9. better color options: 15%
  10. other: 8%

While Apple praised the upgraded camera and the new onyx model at its conference, it turns out that the increased battery life is the main factor that motivates customers to buy new iPhones.

source: Business Insider via iPhone Hacks