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Why is Apple removing Iranian applications from the App Store?

Why is Apple removing Iranian applications from the App Store?

Based on various reports that are running in the last hours for the Net, Apple has reportedly recently begun removing Iranian-origin apps from its official store, the App Store.

In fact, it has already been known that the firm of the bitten apple has withdrawn the application of Digikala, which is actually the largest service of e-commerce Iranian. However, to date there has been no official statement by the company in this regard, although at first it is speculated that these actions are being carried out mainly due to the laws of International Trade.

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It is worth commenting that Manzana began opening the App Store to users in Iran in September 2016, thus gradually lifting the limitations that previously existed in this regard. Although there is still no Official App Store at countryDevelopers in the region have often been registering their developments for the apple platform as if they were from other countries, all to avoid that limitation. The commented Digikala uses the payment system Shaparak, which is isolated from international systems and therefore does not contradict Apple’s terms and conditions for developers in the area, however, as we have said, it has recently been removed due to new usage policies.

Apple is already informing Iranian developers

On the other hand, many Iranian banks have applications for ios that are uploaded to the devices in order to avoid violating the terms and conditions. But as Apple is starting to stop requests for Applications that come from Iran, the company itself has started to present the following message to developers when they try to load their applications on the official store: «Unfortunately there is no app store available for the territory of Iran. Additionally, applications that facilitate transactions for companies or entities based in Iran may not comply with the country’s Transaction Sanctions Regulations when hosted on the App Store. For these reasons we cannot accept your request at this time, so we recommend that you resubmit it once international trade laws are reviewed to allow this functionality. “

Therefore at the moment the details of the process of elimination of Apple applications from Iran are still not entirely clear, it is not known if all the applications of Business and developers Iranians are being eliminated or only those that require transactions. But this is not the first time that it has happened with the App Store, since it has been a point of contention in several countries, such as China, where the firm last month had to remove the application of the New York Times at the request of the Asian government.