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Windows 10 photo viewer

Windows 10 photo viewer

One of the most common annoyances of the new Windows 10, why not say it, is the Photos application, which is considerably slow when compared to the Windows Photo Viewer that has been sharing photos with us for so many years. Today we show you how to make sure that all our photos open with the Windows Photo Viewer And not with the Windows 10 Photos application, if you want of course.

As we have already said, by default in Windows 10 we have configured so that the Windows Photos application is the one that opens our photos, unfortunately it is not as optimized as it should or would like, That is why for certain things any past time was better, especially for the Window Photo Viewer, extremely fast, simple and useful, and if something works, why change it?

Most of the time it will be very simple, and Windows 10 when we open a photo for the first time will ask us with what program or application we want to open that type of files, just select Windows Photo Viewer. However, if for any reason we did not select it at the time or now we have changed our mind regarding the Photos application, we simply have to follow the following steps described in the photo above.

Reset Windows 10 Photo Viewer

  1. Press the Windows key or go to the Cortana text box
  2. We write “default applications”
  3. In the suggested applications, click on «default app settings »
  4. We enter the configuration and navigate to the “Photographs” section
  5. We replace the application of Photos by the Windows Photo Viewer that will appear in the same list

How you have been able to observe returning to the classic viewer is extremely simple, we just have to follow these steps and if you have a problem, do not hesitate to consult it in the comments. Tell us, do you stay with the vWindows 10 photo viewer or do you prefer the Microsoft operating system image viewer?

Alternatives to Windows 10 Photo Viewer

However, we are in the era of personalization, and the way we view photos on our PC could not be less, so we want to bring you a handful of alternatives to the Windows Photo Viewer, so that we can try other ways to get it performance and optimizing the way we view our photos on our Windows 10 PC, of ​​course. So we go there with some little alternatives that you cannot miss.


This first program offers us a fairly simple and intuitive user interface, for those who do not want more than to click on the photos and move on, it is not bad at all. Thanks to this minimalist interface it runs quickly, much more than the usual Windows 10 Photo Viewer. That is why for those who love performance and simplicity it is very present.

Download – ImageGlass


The well-known XnView proprietary software, widely used by users who are dedicated to photo editing in professional mode. This photo viewer allows us to solve small common defects in many photos, so it becomes in a way a simple editor. On the other hand, its wide compatibility with different image formats has also made it very famous.

Download – XnShell


Something quite similar to what we previously told you with ImageGlass, its reason for being is speed and speed of use. Its user interface is perhaps too simplistic and does not offer much information, but it has the four basic options that every user knows how to use, without fanfare but for all audiences.

Download – IrfanView


Minimalism with a user interface that will quickly remind us of the old Mac OS X or the current Linux. Once again we have simple alternatives, which will also allow us to visualize, among other things, animated GIFs, so fashionable today.

Download – Viewnoier

Do you know any Windows 10 photo viewer that serves as an alternative to the official Microsoft system? Tell us which one do you use.