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Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

The highlight of the Bethesda press conference was undoubtedly the announcement of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. The predecessor of this game, Wolfenstein The New Order, has gathered a large fan base. It was mainly the hard-hitting action and unforgettable humor that made the game shine. In an alternate universe, where the ***** have won the war, you can once again take on the role of BJ Blazkowicz to provide hundreds of ***** with bullet holes. The game starts right after the events of the first part and BJ has once again been very unlucky.

Comatose BJ

Once again our protagonist has fallen into a coma. We got to work with the beginning of the game, where you slowly wake up from a coma. There is not really much time to recover, because there is already a lot of shooting going on in the hall. An allied friend lies bleeding in the doorway when you discover you can’t walk at all. You are in a wheelchair and that is a genius idea from developer MachineGames. Rarely have I seen such an original idea for the beginning of a game. The perspective is not at all what you are used to and, moreover, driving in a wheelchair feels completely different from walking around freely. Your dying friend in the doorway quickly hands you a weapon and the action begins.

The action is once again rock hard and is beautifully portrayed. It’s true that the graphical style of the game is the same as The New Order, but MachineGames has used the id Tech 6 engine for The New Colossus. This ensures that everything runs more smoothly. The impact of the bullets is more direct, the game runs smoother and the game shoots better. Still, it’s the action and humor that matter most to Wolfenstein. The first headshots feel great and the gameplay with med packs and armor feels familiar. The first puzzles mainly have to do with the wheelchair. After all, you can’t climb stairs, so there is a system of conveyor belts that you have to work your way through. Meanwhile, the ***** eat bullets. Hard, raw and delicious.

Frau Engel XL

A cut scene in which BJ has a dialogue with the professor sets the tone. The pro has set up traps that act like huge microwave ovens. During the dialogue, the background shows how ***** fall into that trap and shatter into blood and limbs. Later in the cutscene, a **** realizes it and tries to sneak through that trap. A bloody slap makes me laugh. This hard-hitting humor is what puts the series on the map. Of course Frau Engel is also present again. She was already the trendsetter in The New Order and now there is an extra boost! Her daughter is introduced and the interaction between mother and daughter is at times very shocking. Segrin likes a pork chop (she’s fat) and mother Engel never misses a moment to point this out to her daughter. She has to stick to her diet, she has to use the exercise bike, she is ashamed that she is her daughter, she has read her diary and makes fun of her. It’s rock hard and maybe a little over the edge, but it made me laugh so hard. It is the hilarious dialogues that give today’s Wolfenstein a face.

Preliminary conclusion

Wolfenstein: The New Order was already a strong game, but The New Colossus takes it up a notch with a new engine, harder action and even more hilarious moments. The shameless harshness of The New Colossus is very refreshing, although I can imagine that there will be controversy about Frau Engel’s comments towards her overweight daughter. As far as I’m concerned, a game is allowed to do that, although the 18+ stamp is almost doubly important for the Wolfenstein franchise. ***** in the 60s, hard-hitting action, humor and entertaining puzzles. It’s a cocktail of adult fun that I can’t wait for.