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And the game of the week is… Alto’s Adventure!

And the game of the week is… Alto’s Adventure!

AndroidWorld and MobileWorld present The Game of the Week, the weekly column that rewards, every Sunday, the game that most delighted and entertained the editorial staff during the last week.

It may have kidnapped the hearts of many gamers, including ours, but the port of Final Fantasy IX, against all odds, is not today’s winner: that role, in fact, is covered by the endless runner Alto’s Adventure.

Why did we like it?

A year after its release on iOS, the creature of Built By Snowman also lands on Android, and is still in great shape. The new approach free-to-play designed for the owners of a robot device it is not out of context, and allows the latter to enjoy Alto’s Adventure in its entirety without having to open the wallet. The element of absolute value of Canadian production is the visual achievement: dynamic weather and light effects are the background to a very simple gameplay and stingy of novelty, but well built and surprisingly engaging.

What didn’t we like?

He is still an endless runner, with all the consequent limitations. Repetitiveness is certainly a big problem, but the game tries to convincingly mask it through an algorithm that generates the ground structure based on the snowboard discipline.

Who do we recommend it to?

To everyone, but everyone, even if only to test how much satisfactions a title can give that, in fact, is played entirely using just one finger.

Before leaving us, we remind you that to discover all the news of this week’s mobile gaming, and more, just go to the games section of AndroidWorld and MobileWorld.

Alto’s Adventure it is, therefore, our Game of the Week. And what is yours?