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Apple Stores turn red on world AIDS day

Apple Stores turn red on world AIDS day

Apple dyes all the apples in its Apple Store red as a show of support for world AIDS day

All those who come to an Apple Store today will see something different. Exactly, the iconic apple that presides over all the doors of Apple stores has been dyed red as a show of support in the world day of the fight against AIDS, an issue with which the company is especially devoted through its RED project.

As they did last year, Apple’s participation in the day of the fight against AIDS is not only limited to a question of image in its Apple Stores, but those of Cupertino they will donate a part of what they raise todayWell, let’s remember that Cyber ​​Monday is also celebrated today.

As we could see in our previous article, Apple’s contribution to the cause during this year has increased compared to previous years, since not only will they allocate part of the benefits obtained during today, but the company also put to available to all buyers from past Black Friday some iTunes RED cards The balance of which will go partially to the fight against AIDS in Africa.

What’s more, Apple has also partnered with big App Store developers under the “Apps for RED” program that will run until December 7 and whose proceeds will go entirely to the cause. Among the applications that have been added we can see some as well known as Angry Birds, FIFA 15, Monument Valley, Clash of Clans, among others.

Apple has launched this year the most important RED campaign in its history in the fight against AIDS

The RED project was launched several years ago by Steve Jobs and Bono, and during all this time they have already managed to donate $ 75 million to the cause. In addition, some collaborations between U2 and Apple, such as exclusive editions of their products, have also been aimed at raising funds for the fight against AIDS.

As we see in 9t5oMac, Apple expects to raise this year the largest sum since they launched the RED project, and considering the large number of actions that have been carried out, we have no doubt that they will succeed.