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AutoFocus on iPhone? that is, do the three days

AutoFocus on iPhone? that is, do the three days

A camera with a 3 megapixel matrix and an auto-focus function is one of the biggest lures of the new iPhone 3GS. However, you do not need to change the phone to a newer one to enjoy the substitutes of this functionality in the 2G and 3G models.

AutoFocus, because this function allows you to take much better quality photos in terms of the sharpness of the exposure. This feature, theoretically reserved for 3GS, has been ported by devout programmers from the underworld. To add this functionality to our handset, our phone must be in Jailbreak mode.

We run Cydia and search for Open SSH application, if we have not installed it before. It is also worth downloading the Insomnia program – it allows you to maintain the WLAN connection even after going into sleep mode. Useful when we copy a file for a long time – we do not have to worry that the connection will be interrupted after going to sleep. We install and run the WinSCP program. To be able to transfer files via WiFi with this program, we must be connected to your home WLAN. After connecting to WLAN, go to the settings – WiFi – and in the list of networks, next to the one to which we are connected, press the blue circle. We will see the IP address. Enter this address in WinSCP. In the login field, enter root, and in the password field, enter alpine. Letters are case-sensitive.

Then a warning will appear. Press Yes. A new program will open, resembling the popular file explorer – Total Commander.

Go to /System/Library/CoreService/SpringBoard.app/ and back up the files: M68AP.plist, N82AP.plist and N88AP.plist. We replace them with files from the Camera_Mod_for_3G_WIP.zip folder. To the location /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Camera.framework, put the contents of the downloaded Camera.framework folder. Put the contents of the downloaded VideoEncoders folder to the location / System / Library / VideoEncoders. Put the contents of the downloaded VideoDecoders folder to the location / System / Library / VideoDecoders. We restart the iPhone, then start the Camera and check whether the created autofocus works. In this simple way, our iPhone 3GS acquired the new ability of its little brother.

The problems

If your iPhone 3G starts to create problems after this modification, you can download a verified backup on our editorial site. Just replace the files as in the above instructions with those from the backup folder and everything will return to normal. The modification invented by ispazio should also work on the iPhone 2G. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test it. Make copies of all files and check.

The file with the package of files to be replaced can be found in our Download