Announcement marks the beginning of sponsorship of R$ 300 million to the Catalan club
A new Qatar Airways commercial shows an airline plane flying to FC Barcelona. The piece marks the official announcement of the company’s millionaire sponsorship to the Catalan club. Unveiled this Tuesday, 27th, the film shows stars such as Brazilian Neymar, Argentine Messi, as well as Spaniards Puyol and Iniesta, among others. According to the club’s financial vice president, Javier Faus, the agreement between Barcelona and Qatar Airways should generate millions for Messi and Co.’s team. “There are future payments of 30.5, 32 and 33.5 million euros. And there is also a bonus of five million, if we win the Champions League”, explains Faus, citing the contract value per season, which, when converted, is around R$300 million. For the executive, the agreement should help Barcelona reach new markets. “We have 300 million fans around the world and thanks to Qatar Airways we will be able to build connections with them,” he explains. The agreement also provides for the painting of some 777 and 787 models in the team’s colors. “We will be showing Barça at the main airports around the world,” says Akbar Al-Baker, executive director of Qatar Airways. Check out the commercial: Via FC Barcelona BestyGame Writing


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