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Customer loyalty is boosted by proactive support


Customer loyalty is boosted by proactive support

Insurance companies should take on the challenge of setting themselves apart from the competition through service. There is a possibility to do so, as the results of the “Servicebarometer Assekuranz 2010” study by the market research institute Yougovpsychonomics show. Afterwards, customers are enthusiastically received when proactive help is offered that goes beyond the mere settlement of the actual claim.

The aspect “In addition to the regulation, further help was offered” is one of the few who actually has a positive effect on customer loyalty when the usual level of service is improved. In the rest of the top field, on the other hand, those service aspects dominated that – if at all – have a negative impact on customer loyalty, provided that the usual service quality declines. Accordingly, there is great potential for insurers to “help beyond the claim” to differentiate themselves positively from the competition. In addition, there is a lot of room for improvement because only less than half of the 8,000 private customers surveyed in 2009 gave their insurance company top marks for this service aspect.

“Service insurers in particular have the opportunity to stand out with above-average services and to convince customers of themselves with concrete added service value and empathy,” comments study director Jana Fricke. In some cases, service insurers have already seized this opportunity. “With regard to assistance beyond the actual settlement of claims, AXA, LVM and R&V, among others, rank among the leaders,” states Fricke.

Any kind of assistance should, however, be designed in such a way that it focuses on the individuality of the customer. As a matter of principle, he or she must feel personally looked after and individually advised. As a starting point for specific service offers – in addition to the actual damage event – the specific customer data should always be used as a basis for tailor-made offers. One of the top 5 factors that contribute to customer loyalty is that everything should be done with one phone call, that companies shouldn’t leave customers in the dark for long about the status of the procedure, that they meet their expectations regarding the amount of payment and the money should pay quickly. In addition to the insurers Allianz, DEVK, HUK-Coburg, LVM and Provinzial, Württembergische, among others, was able to position itself in the top field in at least one of the service aspects mentioned.