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DIY Revolution controller

DIY Revolution controller

The revolution that the name of Nintendo’s next console, the Revolution, refers to is the radical design of the controller. This would contain all kinds of gyroscopic and other motion sensors, so that you can really play in 3D.

We will only know how that will work out in practice when the console with its controller appears on the market, and that is not until next year at the earliest. That was probably too long for one ‘Tsietisin’, because he made his own version of the controller with some stuff he had at home:

He combined a Gyration Ultra mouse, an ASCII Grip one-handed PS1 controller and a PSX to USB adapter to create his controller. He then tried it all out in Half-Life 2 and after a short period of practice, he managed to play quite well with the device. How good? Check the video file that you can find with the torrent on this site.

How well Tsietisin has come close to the real Revolution controller with his design is not yet clear. Reports of people using the real controller indicate an almost negligible practice period before it can be used, while Tsietisin had a bit more trouble with his creation. On the other hand, Half-Life 2 is not specifically designed for the controller and the Nintendo games most likely will.