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Etracker introduces three new solutions for online marketing

Etracker introduces three new solutions for online marketing

Etracker presents three new solutions for web analytics, market research and campaign analysis at the dmexco. Web Analytics 8, Visitor Voice 2 and Campaign Control will be presented – a solution that shows the interactions between multi-channel campaigns.

As the provider of products and services for the optimization of websites and online marketing measures, offers
Web Analytics 8 has a completely redesigned interface that is even more user-friendly and intuitive to use. With Visitor Voice 2, users should also receive not only differentiated feedback from visitors on the entire online presence, but also on each individual page, based on scientific market research methodologies.

Another new feature of Visitor Voice 2 is the selective invitation option. Previously, randomly selected visitors were invited to take part in the survey on their landing page. With Visitor Voice 2, users now have the option of addressing visitors at any time, depending on their surfing behavior. For example, users can specifically ask visitors who have placed at least one item in their shopping cart, viewed a certain number of pages or spent a certain amount of time on the website.

This enables users to analyze the satisfaction, needs, target achievement, loyalty or socio-demographic data of this visitor group in a differentiated manner. Visitor Voice is seamlessly integrated with web analytics. Etracker also gives visitors to dmexco a first glimpse into its new product Campaign Control. “It is common knowledge that the last ad analysis in the past simply led to incorrect budget allocations,” explains Christian Bennefeld, managing director of Etracker.

With Campaign Control, a solution comes onto the market that makes the interactions between multi-channel campaigns transparent and precisely assigns the success to the advertising media involved. For the first time, advertisers could distribute their budgets in a really results-oriented and target-oriented manner. Etracker is a leading provider of products and services for website optimization and online marketing campaigns.