“Every young person, every child likes to go to Mc Donald’s. And I belong to that too,” says world footballer Jérôme Boateng. He is the new brand ambassador for Mc Donald’s. But do top footballers and fast food go together? An assessment.

If you see the yellow “M” at a motorway exit, you immediately know the appropriate claim: I love it! The Mc Donald’s claim is so simple and yet so successful. The chain was the only fast food company to succeed in establishing the brand claim from 2003 as a successful communication strategy, while others failed.

The importance of the claim and brand ambassador

The three most important elements for a company are the advertising slogan, the logo and the brand ambassador. Only then can a campaign or brand be successfully established so that the customer becomes aware of the brand. Communicating values ​​and conveying the company’s ideas: A brand ambassador must also be able to do this. The newcomer to Mc Donald’s, who is now taking on this task, is national player Jérôme Boateng. Its job: to convey brand values ​​such as “team spirit, motivation and open-mindedness”, as the company writes. Boateng already works with McDonald’s on the national team. McDonald’s provides the soccer escort. It enables children to run into the stadium for international matches with the German national team.

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Jérôme Boateng works well

Why Boateng? He has a visual popularity, is popular (at least since his spectacular overhead kick at the EM 2016), and has an advertising suitability for the product. While top footballers are rarely associated with burgers, fast food, and unhealthy food, getting married can work. Because Mc Donald’s has been trying to change its image for years and wants to be perceived as a “healthy restaurant”. An advertising face like Boateng can only be helpful. The only problem: the credibility. If this is missing, the best-known testimonial is of no use. Of course Boateng likes burgers. Of course, he liked going there as a child – like all young people. But can the professional represent the brand well for the future? Mc Donald’s seems to be sure of that. Mainly because she wants to carry out a comprehensive retrofitting of the restaurants in the coming years. The “Restaurant of the Future” concept is intended to offer the customer significantly greater convenience, additional ordering options and customization options for the products. So it remains exciting to see where the path of the brand ambassador and the fast food chain leads.


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