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Formula One `05 announced with screenshots


Formula One `05 announced with screenshots

Sony today announced its new Formula One game Formula One ’05. Formula One ’05, like its predecessors, has all official FIA F1 licenses and should offer a fairly realistic way of driving.

Formula One ’05 is Sony’s own Formula 1 game exclusively for the PlayStation 2. The game is the only game on the market to have all licenses from the drivers, the constructors and the circuits of the 2005/2006 season including the new circuit in Turkey and Christian Albers at Minardi. In addition to this season’s cars, there are also classic cars and races in the game so that you can write history yourself. The game should become more accessible with an extensive training mode but ultimately offer a realistic way of driving. New things are more extensive tuning options (with the new FIA rules about engines and tires), interactive pit stops that will work as a kind of minigame and more things about racing not as intro movies. In addition, Formula One ’05 must be playable online.

Formula One ’05 should be in stores this summer for the PlayStation 2.

We also have the first screenshots for you, which have little to do with racing;