S.thrones with free music files are a great option for those who don’t want to pay anything, but also don’t want to break the law. There are several options available on the Internet that, in addition to downloading songs, serve as a platform to popularize the work of independent musicians and bands.

Slodkoslodka has created several legitimate free music download sites. In our overview you will find well known services and new resources with good potential.

YouTube audio library

YouTube takes the deserved first place in our ranking. It’s not about using third-party tools to download published videos. The platform has an extensive media library for free and legal download. There are thousands of songs that can be filtered by genre, mood, instrument and duration. The YouTube audio library also has hundreds of sound effect options organized by categories. This makes the platform a great tool for anyone looking for suggestions for a specific style of playlist or soundtrack for a movie.


SoundCloud is one of the most popular music sharing platforms on the market. Thanks to an extensive library, the resource offers songs in a variety of styles. You can listen to the content online or download it to your device. Free songs are available on the SoundCloud community. Additionally, you can create an account (for free), save songs to your profile, follow artists and create playlists.

These instruments can be used by musicians. The site allows you to advertise your work by uploading songs, podcasts and other sounds to the site. SoundCloud was founded by musicians from Berlin, Germany in August 2007. Recording professionals can collaborate, share songs, promote and distribute their compositions. The platform has grown significantly over the years. Today we can discover millions of free songs and listen to them without any restrictions.

This site has become popular for several reasons, but it was the simple and comprehensive exchange tools that made it possible for millions of creators and more to use this platform. For example, one of the main features of SoundCloud is that it allows artists to upload their songs with a distinctive URL.

The platform allows you to embed audio files anywhere. SoundCloud can be linked to Twitter and Facebook for members to reach out to their audience. As you can see, with free SoundCloud, each user will have over 120 million songs from aspiring and future artists. The service offers a huge variety of topics for every taste and generates music and audio content recommendations. The platform also acts as a social network and allows users to communicate with friends and musicians.

Amazon Music

We already know about the wide variety of products Amazon sells, but did you know the site sells music? Moreover, the site also includes songs that can be downloaded for free. As with other platforms, Amazon Music organizes them into categories, such as music style and band name, or music. By browsing the site, you can meet new artists and listen to songs from some of your favorite bands.

According to data published by the company, there are approximately 70 million songs available on each platform. Amazon Music offers a free trial. The user can listen to songs, podcasts, create playlists and import their MP3 songs to Amazon Music. The platform has some limitations in the free version. If you don’t have a paid account, the service will contain advertising while playing songs.


Despite its goal of promoting new artists, ReverbNation is one of the best music download sites. You won’t find any songs from list 1 here, but you will surely find future hits. Bands such as Imagine Dragons and Alabama Shakes have gained recognition on the site.

In the Discovery tab, you can filter by styles and see which styles are currently the most popular on the platform. It’s worth noting that not all songs are available for download, and in some cases, you’ll need to sign in. However, you can listen to all of this online for free.


Jamendo Music is a service that lets you stream or download an extensive music library for free. Like other platforms, it acts as a community where artists can promote their songs. The site categorizes songs according to the latest trends and genres. It also offers a selection of featured songs for movies and radio stations, categorized by music style. In order to be able to use all functions, the user must create an account on the website free of charge.

Free Music Archive (FMA)

Free Music Archive is an interactive music library that offers free content downloads. The site was created by the American radio WFMU, the aim of which is to expand access to music culture. The songs are grouped into categories such as genres, most popular by week, month or all time. The website also contains information about the musicians and their work. It’s a good platform for music enthusiasts.


Noisetrade is a place where musicians from all over the world can share their creations. It’s very easy to download content. When you find what you are looking for, just enter your e-mail address in the indicated location and download it. The service is free, but users can tip their favorite performers. Thus, the site found an incentive to create and distribute music. In addition to songs, the site allows you to legally download books from various segments.


With Musopen, you can find works by the greatest composers of classical music in one place. All songs are copyrighted, freely downloadable and playable. You can search for content by author, instrument, time and other filters. Users can listen to songs online, but you need to register for a short time to download them. Free subscription includes 5 downloads per day. In addition to songs, there are sheet music, study materials for students and teachers, and an online radio with classical music.


Audionautix is ​​a good option for people looking for free music for soundtracks. All songs were composed and created by musician Jason Shaw and can be downloaded for free without registration. You can filter your searches by “state of mind” such as relaxing, dramatic, melancholic, humorous. You can further refine your search by gender, time, and keyword.

Audio Archive

Audio Archive is a non-profit site that collects millions of different types of digital content, including audio. Despite its unfriendly interface, Audio Archive is worth getting to know. In addition to downloadable music, there are radio broadcasts from all over the world and podcasts. Anyone who loves the live versions should enjoy the many songs available, including performances from both new members and established artists.


eSound is a new service that quickly gained popularity among users. The app has over 150 million songs online to listen to and add to your music library! eSound is a music streaming platform that uses a range of online media to offer users free resources that are paid for on other, more popular platforms.


Audiomack is a service that has been around since 2012. It is a music streaming platform that allows artists and authors to download songs and podcasts to share with their listeners via mobile applications. In 2021, Billboard began incorporating Audiomack streaming data into some of its programs. This service has many benefits including offline playback which is free for everyone and is not blocked by paid walls. According to the latest data, the platform currently has 17 million monthly users.


Mixcloud is a service for those who love radio programs. The platform serves a community of over half a million DJs, radio stations, broadcasters and music influencers. Mixcloud has over 4 million active users. In addition to the free version, the platform has Mixcloud Premium and Mixcloud Pro, the latter for professionals looking to monetize their audience. This UK-based online music streaming service was established in 2008 but has remained very niche in the DJ group.

Despite the fact that large services operate on a subscription basis and significantly limit the functionality of free accounts, there are many interesting services in the music industry to listen to your favorite songs for free.


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