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Here is the machine gun Dark Souls – The latest games from under the radar

Here is the machine gun Dark Souls – The latest games from under the radar

We fought demons, rebelled on the edge of the galaxy, and wandered in a nightmare with some of the most exciting indie titles of the past two weeks.

The past few weeks have been mostly in the gaming industry under the influence of gamescom, but fortunately that doesn’t mean that no interesting or exciting titles have appeared in the last two weeks, in fact, one (if not the biggest) surprise of the summer has passed recently. So let’s see what’s worth trying for someone who would be wasting time with fresh indie or AA-rated games this way towards the very end of the summer!

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a sequel to the 2015 Rebel Galaxy (it tells the exact history of that game) and is a rock-hard space simulator accordingly. The protagonist of the story, Juno Markev, was already in a better pass: he was being chased by a killer, he would have to pay a lot of debt, and he also had a feeling that his problems were just starting. At this point, we, the players, intervene to try to pull him out of the craze.

And all this is complemented by a slippery, depressed area of ​​the Dodge Sector crowded with physical workmen, hauliers, thieves and outlaws, which you can explore with countless spaceships while playing billiards in bars, engaging in life-and-death firefights, or simply listening to the game for 24 hours. . Space is just waiting for us, but let’s be careful: it’s hard to thrive around here and it’s even harder to stay alive.


How would you get rid of your own nightmare? The protagonist of DARQ is Lloyd, a simple boy who realizes one night he is dreaming. However, his alert sleep soon takes an ominous turn when the dream turns into a nightmare, and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t get out of it. To wake up, Lloyd has to face his greatest fears and the darkest corners of his subconscious, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful, as he knows the horrors of the darkness of his mind.

As described above, DARQ is a surprising (but at the very least depressing) mood platformer, supported by a surreal visual world, where most puzzles can be solved by manipulating the strange physics or structure of the dream world. However, there is no harm in being careful, as the nightmare is also attended by creatures much stronger and faster than Lloyd, who we have no chance of defeating, only if we prefer to avoid them with clever tactics.

Remnant: From the Ashes

The world of Remnant is dark and gloomy: according to background history, ancient evil from another dimension has invaded and engulfed the Earth, leading to the almost complete extinction of humanity. As one of the few survivors, our task is to take up the fight against the invading demons and turn the irreversible back, even if we have to travel through a series of alien worlds beyond the borders of the Earth.

In essence, Remnant is a souls-like game, meaning that in its structure and mechanics it is very much based on the classic games of FromSoftware, but it also thinks a little more about the well-known recipe, with a very interesting element: the addition of firearms. The end result will be a much more fast-paced and slightly more permissive program, in which we can take up the fight against the horde of demons that are destroying our lives with a machine gun or a repeating rifle, but it doesn’t hurt to take care of it:


RAD is a rougelike RPG set in a colorful, fragrant postapocalyptic world in which we must save humanity armed with a single baseball bat. According to the background story of the game, we are on a Earth that has twice been on the verge of extinction, and our protagonist is a young teenager who ventures alone into a constantly changing and mutating radioactive land full of unknown monsters and other dangers.

As we move forward towards the unknown, the body of our protagonist will also be constantly changing and distorted. The average person, of course, would not be able to survive the conditions that prevail in the depths of his no-man’s land, but fortunately (?) There will be almost no human left until we reach these landscapes. The only question now is whether mutations here or there, is a baseball bat enough to save the world?

Battle Planet – Judgment Day

Battle Planet – Judgment Day is a rougelike action game with literally full planets for shooting and massacre. As one of the three most wanted criminals in the galaxy, escaping from our guards, we have no choice but to fight our way through the police, the military and a host of bloodthirsty aliens if we want to live. What’s more, it doesn’t hurt to hurry, because if we pull out the match a lot, the authorities could even blow the planet out from under us.

The game is accordingly a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled action game where enemies can attack us from any direction. Plus, if all that weren’t enough, from time to time there will be a main enemy, whose developers say the only goal is to make our controller smaller. However, there is nothing to worry about: our gear and abilities are constantly evolving throughout each walkthrough, and this progress will be felt in our next attempt, so we can slowly but surely rise above anything the universe is unleashing around our necks.

The son

El Hijo is a stealth adventure game reminiscent of spaghetti westerns, where we play a six-year-old boy who intends to find his mother. Due to the age of our protagonist, open fighting will never be a viable option throughout the game, so we will have to rely on our mind, speed and ingenuity if we want to thrive in this game with very stylish graphics.