You promised your partner not to compulsively start watching Netflix TV series again but, in temptation, you ended up letting go, spending a few too many hours in front of the TV and devouring many more episodes (and more movies) than due. To avoid unnecessary quarrels, you have decided to clear the Netflix history: once in front of the app, however, you realized that you have absolutely no idea how to do it, so you turned to Google in order to find a solution as soon as possible.

What if I told you this is the right place for you? That’s right! If you follow the instructions that I am going to give you below to the letter, you will be able to free yourself in no time at all from the history of the contents displayed on the famous streaming portal. In the course of this guide, in fact, I will show you how to proceed both from the version of Netflix dedicated to the computer (therefore from a web browser), and from the apps for smartphones, tablets and other devices.

So what else are you waiting to get started? Take some free time for yourself, make yourself comfortable and follow all the instructions I am about to give you to the letter. I am sure that, having completed this reading, you will be able to effectively eliminate the traces of your “crime”, thus avoiding an argument that could prove to be long but, above all, unpleasant. Happy reading and… have fun!


  • How to clear Netflix history from PC
  • How to clear Netflix history from smartphones and tablets
  • How to clear Netflix history from TV

How to clear Netflix history from PC

Clear the Netflix history from a computer it is not a difficult operation at all, however I must give you a necessary premise: at the time of writing this guide, it is not possible to delete the entire “history” of the elements viewed in a single shot, but you have to manually act on each movies or on each previously viewed TV series.

To proceed, open the Netflix main page from the browser, click on the button Log in located in the upper right corner, enter yours e-mail and yours password in the appropriate boxes and, finally, press the button Log in to enter your personal area.

Note: if you do not remember your password, click on the link Need help located at the bottom of the login box, choose whether to reset the password using email, SMS or voice call and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset.

If you have difficulty finding the information you need for the recovery operation, click on the link I don’t remember my email address or my phone number, type name surname and the credit card number associated with Netflix on the next screen, press the button Find account and strictly follow the proposed reset procedure.

Once logged into your Netflix account, click on user profile whose history you intend to delete (eg. Savior), press on the avatar located at the top right and choose the item Account from the menu that opens. Next, scroll down the page until you identify the section My profile and click on the item Content viewing activities, to access the page containing the entire history of the displayed contents.

At this point, click on the icon in the shape of prohibition placed next to the content you intend to delete from the history: in this way, it will be deleted both from the viewing activity and from the references for related content. Should it be your intention to delete an entire series from the history, click on the link without delay Hide series? which appears later in the box.

To empty the entire history, you must repeat the procedure on all the elements contained in the viewing activity, taking care to press the button, even several times. Show More (located at the bottom) to show all the videos contained in the history. Keep in mind that deleting items from the history will be propagated to all devices associated with the account by 24 hours later to the cancellation operation.

Wait, are you telling me that there are too many items to delete? Then the quickest solution is to delete the profile completely vision, and then start using Netflix again through a new profile. Before proceeding, however, remember that this operation is irreversible and that, together with the profile, any evaluations of the contents and preferences associated with it will also be deleted.

Are you convinced to proceed? Perfect: after logging in to Netflix, press the button Manage profiles located on the initial screen of choice, click on the icon in the shape of pencil placed in correspondence with the profile you want to get rid of and then press the button twice Delete profile to erase it completely.

If the button Delete profile should not be available, it means that you must first create a second profile (not limited) before you can delete the old one: to do so, from the user profile choice page, press the button Add a profile, specify the first name to be associated with (taking care not to enter the check mark next to the box Child / a) and press the button Continues to complete the process. Once this is done, you can proceed to delete the old profile containing the “inconvenient” history.

How to clear Netflix history from smartphones and tablets

Do you want clear the Netflix history through the app dedicated to smartphones and tablets? No problem: you can proceed within a couple of taps! First, launch the Netflix on the device you intend to use and, if you have not done so before, log in to your account by tapping the button Log in located at the top right and typing, subsequently, e-mail And password in dedicated fields; to conclude, tap the button once again Log in.

Note: if you no longer remember the credentials to enter Netflix, tap the link Need help? to start the procedure for recovering the password and / or email address to be used to log in.

Once logged into your account, choose the profile from which you want to delete the history by tapping on the relevant image, tap the button OK, then press the icon ☰located at the bottom right and choose the item Account from the menu that appears on the screen.

Immediately after that, a window of the default browser installed on the device should open, showing the account management page: from it, identify the box My profile, touch the item Content viewing activities and wait for the next page to fully load.

As it is easy to guess, the procedure to be carried out in this phase is identical to the one I showed you previously regarding the PC: touch the icon in the shape of prohibition placed next to the episode you intend to remove from Netflix historyand, if necessary, click on the link Hide series? to also delete all the other episodes of the series in question.

Again, you have to repeat the operation for all the elements present in the vision activity (by pressing the button several times Show more to view them all, if necessary): the deletion of the history will be propagated to all devices associated with the account within 24 hours.

If the episodes to be deleted are really too many, you can delete the entire viewing profile: remember, however, that the operation is irreversible and that it will also lead to the elimination of the assessments made and the preferences associated with the profile itself.

To proceed with deleting the profile, open the Netflix, presses the ☰ button(bearing the wording Other) located at the bottom right and then touch the item Manage profiles placed at the top. At this point, press the icon in the shape of pencil attached to the profile you intend to delete and, finally, press the button twice Delete profile.

If this should not be visible, you will need to create a new (not limited) viewing profile in advance: to do so, access the section once again. Other app of Netflix, tap the button [+] (or Add a profile) placed at the top, indicates a First name for the new profile (taking care not to check the box For children) and finish the procedure by touching the button Save. Once this is done, you can finally delete the profile with the history “inconvenient” to you by following the same instructions I showed you a moment ago.

How to clear Netflix history from TV

Wait, you are telling me that you have not been able to put into practice the steps that I have suggested in the course of this guide, since you use Netflix on your TV, taking advantage of the apps to Smart TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and similar? Then I think I have no good news for you: these apps, in fact, do not allow you to clear the Netflix history in a “direct” way, intervening on the vision activity. If you need to do this, I recommend that you arm yourself with a computer (or a smartphone / tablet) and proceed by following the instructions shown above.

What you can do through the TV, however, is to proceed withdeleting the profile view that contains the history you want to get rid of. Also in this case, you must keep in mind that this is an irreversible operation and that it involves the cancellation of preferences and evaluations made using the profile in question.

Ready to proceed? OK let’s go! First, launch the Netflix on your TV or on the console you are using and, in the profile selection screen, highlight the one you want to delete with the remote control / controller, select the icon in the shape of pencil placed immediately below and presses on the button OK / Confirm to enter the area dedicated to editing the details of the profile in question.

At this point, select the button Delete profile located at the bottom, confirms the choice using the control device and, to permanently delete everything, highlight the same button in the next window, press the button OK And that’s it!

Note: if you do not immediately see the profile selection screen, you can get there by pressing the left arrow on the remote control / controller to highlight the main menu of the app, then select and press the icon of the profile in use (also marked by the caption Change profile).

In any case, if you are not able to delete the profile in use, you may need to create another one that can replace it: to proceed, from the profile selection screen, press the icon (+) (or Add profile), enter a first name to assign to you and remember not to tick the box relating to use by Children, and then finalize the procedure by pressing the button Save. At this point, you can get rid of the old profile, as seen above.


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