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HTC Radar, the battery colossus

HTC Radar, the battery colossus

The HTC Radar is a phone that has become one of the flagships of the Taiwanese firm for the Christmas campaign. Its main feature is its operating system Windows Phone 7 Mango, but if we have to highlight one of its strengths, we are left with the battery. The phone has a autonomy superior to any of its competitors.

Technical characteristics

The equipment that was presented last September has a Qualcomm processor of 1 GHz with 512 MB RAM and a touch screen 3.8 inch with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. At the multimedia level, it incorporates a camera five megapixels which records video at 720p in High Definition. It also includes WiFi N connection and an 8 GB internal memory. As you can see, it is not a colossus at the hardware level, however where it can boast is in the autonomy.

No plugs

Those who buy an HTC Radar will not have to worry about use because it can handle almost everything. The equipment has a 1520 mAh battery that provides 330 hours of standby, at least that is what the official data of the technical sheet says, however, in the tests we have carried out the phone is capable of working three days without need connecting it to the socket. When we refer to functioning, we mean, talking on the phone regularly, browsing, checking the mail and taking a photograph.

At the operating level, the equipment complies with a note. The version of Windows Phone 7.5 is very light and with the 1 GHz processor that it carries is more than enough to manage fluid shape Microsoft’s operating system. Another of its strengths is the camera, as it is accompanied by a 28-millimeter focal length and an f2.2 aperture that provide superior image quality to other phones with similar features. Among the interesting details is an external button on the right side that allows you to take pictures directly, even when locked.


On the outside it is where there is little news. The Radar could go through another HTC model and the firm has preferred not to innovate. It is still early to predict whether the terminal will be successful or not, the fact is that we liked it, especially to start in the Windows world where more phones will arrive in 2012 thanks to the agreement between Nokia and Microsoft.

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