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iOS 9 will have exclusive functions for the Force Touch of the iPhone 6s

iOS 9 will have exclusive functions for the Force Touch of the iPhone 6s

New iOS 9 details revealed: Force Touch, Apple Pay for Canada, Keyboard and iMessage

The boys of 9to5Mac keep revealing new iOS 9 features as the days remain for its official presentation. Previously we were able to know that the new generation of Apple software for iPhone and iPad will be focused mainly on stability and security, but there is also room for new features and today we can bring you some of them. If split-screen multitasking and multi-user support could be exclusive features of the iPad PRO, functions related to Force Touch technology will undoubtedly be unique to the iPhone 6s.

Numerous reports from different media have confirmed for months that iPhone 6s will feature the new Force Touch technology on its screen, something that will allow users to interact in new ways with the system. Well, now we can find out in what new ways we could do it. Very attentive.

Force Touch

To adapt to the flagship novelty of the next iPhone 6s, the Force Touch, Apple has redesigned iOS 9 to make the most of its potential, and they are also encouraging developers to do the same with their applications. Force Touch on the iPhone can be used to simplify some system controls, such as those that require long button presses. Siri? Off?

Additionally, Force Touch on the iPhone will offer features very similar to those found on the new 12-inch MacBook. In this way, we can set new markers on Maps, activate controls in player, add new events in the Calendar, click on a word to see its definition, among others that are yet to be revealed.

However, unlike the Apple Watch, the use of Force Touch will be completely optional for the user, so that it will enrich and complement the user experience but in no case will it be mandatory. What’s more, the screen of the new iPhone 6s would also offer real-time haptic interactions just like the trackpad on the new MacBook. Taking into account that its functions will be exclusive to the iPhone 6s, this section of iOS 9 could be reserved until the September keynote.


Apple is also working on improving the iOS 9 keyboard with new designs that the engineering team has been testing, including one that is slightly longer and offers new edit controls in landscape mode. On the other hand, the company believes that QuickType suggestions are not as accessible as it would be in iOS 8, so we could also see news in this regard. Finally, due to user complaints, the button indicating that we have uppercase mode activated could be redesigned to make it clearer.

Apple Pay for Canada

A few months ago a rumor indicated that Apple Pay will be able to land in Canada throughout the month of March. In the end it was not like that, but the WSJ recently published that November could be the date chosen for the arrival of the service to the neighboring country. iOS 9 seems to support this information, since apparently the Passbook application has been renewed to include support with Canadian banks, credit and debit cards, and credit institutions. Of course, such compatibility may not be announced until Apple closes all deals with Canadian banks.


Finally, iMessage could also receive some significant improvements in iOS 9. As explained in 9to5Mac, the messaging service could indicate when our contact has received our message, a function that is already present in most alternatives on the market. The difference is that Apple would allow us to select those contacts that we want to be able to know when we have received their message, and those that do not.

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