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  5. “NBA 2K20”: the great basketball saga returns more human and inclusive than ever

“NBA 2K20”: the great basketball saga returns more human and inclusive than ever

“NBA 2K20”: the great basketball saga returns more human and inclusive than ever

Like every September, the great sports titles of the year are already beginning to fill the shelves of video game stores. The first to open the ban was the “NBA 2K20”, which was launched on the 6th, and which comes with important new features compared to the previous edition. Especially stand out the new storyline of My Career mode, in which the user can customize their own player and make him a star, and the inclusion of the 12 teams of the women’s basketball league: the WNBA. All this accompanied by a realism and a playability that is difficult to improve; and that have been a sign and mark of the franchise for years.

Excellent playability

Little can be thrown in the face of «2K20» in this section. Visual Concepts, the developer, has been creating a product for years that almost perfectly simulates an NBA game. So much so that those users who know the saga and master it, will be able to do exactly the same as any star in the competition when they grab the controller. Throw “alley-oops” like Rondo region, pass the ball without looking like Jason “White Chocolate” Williams, crush the hoop like Jordan, break the rival’s hip like Chris paul or shoot from eight meters like Stephen Curry. Anything is possible if you memorize the mechanics and put hours into it.

In the new title, there are no great differences in playability with respect to the immediately previous editions. The formula still works perfectly, so it is not necessary to retouch it excessively. The care that Visual Concepts puts into the construction of the players continues to be noticed, who not only play practically the same, but they behave in a way very similar to how they would in an NBA game. With their pre-match rituals; like Lebron’s classic hand clap full of magnesium, or the chin-up of Blake griffin at the rim before the start of a match. For this edition, in addition, have improved the animations of the feet thanks to the improvement of the motion engine that the developer started using last year. A change that can be seen, especially, in the way a player runs and his speed on the track.

You can enjoy it in game modes such as My league or My GM. In the first, the user will be at the controls of a set which he will have to guide towards the ring. It is best to choose a set that has been in the NBA well for years, as the Phoenix Suns could be, and improve it season by season until it becomes an aspiring champion. Each game has a maximum duration of 50 seasons, so you have time to spare.

On My MG It’s time to put yourself in the shoes of an NBA manager. In this case, our work will be influenced by the decisions and whims of the franchise owner. Even so, the user counts with more power than in My League. You can upgrade team facilities, request a franchise transfer, or take a closer look at future Draft entrants.

More humane

The story mode is becoming increasingly important in sports video games. If not, look at FIFA’s strong commitment to Alex Hunter. As we have said, “NBA 2K20” incorporates in My Career one of the best arguments that are remembered in this type of titles. So much so that it borders on the outstanding. Behind its development is the production company Spring hill entertainment, owned by Lebron James. And, things as they are, the hand of the Lakers star shows a lot. The number 23 has been turning to minorities for years. Trying to make American society aware of the problems that afflict it (racism, weapons, violence) and that have ended up normalizing.

In NBA 2K20, Spring Hill has opted to make a story with a tremendously human argument in which the dark side of college basketball is shown. On this occasion, the user controls That, a fourth-year college player who leaves his team hanging before the biggest game of the season. The reason? The coach had withdrawn one of his teammates’ scholarship after he suffered a serious injury and kicked him off campus. Because of this, the protagonist chooses to also leave the academic institution and prepare to make the jump to the NBA.

This story lasts for about three hours loaded with cinematics to the extreme. So much so that during that time the player rarely touches the ball. Even though the argument is good, Ideally, the cinematics would have been presented in a more skimpy way. Something that would have made the experience more enjoyable.


After reaching the NBA, the user will have to work hard to improve Che and become a basketball legend. To achieve this, as in previous installments, it will be necessary to arm yourself with patience and play for hours and hours. Erick Boenisch, Senior Producer of NBA 2K20, stated during the title presentation in Madrid that improving the avatar it would be faster this time thanks to the new progression system; at least until reaching 95 on average (the limit is 99). Nevertheless, still insufficient so that a user who is starting in the saga can enjoy this game mode from the first moment. Even for those who have spent years with a disc of the franchise inside their PC or console.

And it is that, no matter how well you play this video game, it is most likely that the first games you play already in the NBA they are infuriating. Your avatar, in the beginning, is much slower and less skilled than the opponent it faces. To give you an idea, Che starts with an average of 60, and most of the players in the competition are close to 80 rating. How to go to war armed with a stick, we go.

If you want to improve quickly, you can choose to take the easy way. Scratch your pocket and buy game coins (Virtual Currency) so that Che stop being a LEB Silver level player and have the right conditions for the NBA. It is up to him if, after paying 60 euros for the game, he is willing to pay another 20 or 40 euros to be able to correctly defend the Antetokounmpo and company tickets to the basket. If not, what is said. Hours and hours of “NBA 2K20” await you ahead.

Once we get to the NBA we will also have available again The neighborhood, the online venue in which the user can play pachangas against players from all over the world, cut their hair or buy clothes for their avatar. Its design has not changed substantially with respect to the “NBA 2K19”. However, from 2K they promise that it will undergo changes as time goes by. At the same time, will incorporate different activities that will be available on a limited basis; like car races or games between big-headed dolls.


It was only a matter of time before 2K dared to incorporate women’s outfits into their star title. To create the more than 100 players that make up the American Women’s League (WNBA), the developer followed a procedure similar to that used with men. He scanned each of the athletes so that their avatars resembled them as closely as possible. He also took great care that each athlete behaved in the video game similar to how they would in a real match. The result is good, but it is far from the enormous detail that is printed on the men’s players and teams.

Despite this, the playing experience, which is the most important thing and where the differences between the leagues should be noted, changes remarkably if the players are chosen. Utah Jazz (NBA team) or at New York Libertines (WNBA team). In the second case, do not expect tickets to the basket after blocking that culminate in mate on the rival pivot, as if they controlled Lebron James; otherwise a slower gaming experience, with a lot of tray and shot from medium distance. Less spectacular, but satisfying. In previous titles in the saga, the American developer has already opted to include sets from outside the NBA. In 2K16, for example, he added those of the Euroleague, among which were, for example, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Unicaja and Baskonia. Something that is a bit missing today.

Online mode

The video game also incorporates classic NBA teams, as is customary for years in the franchise. Among them are Jordan’s Bulls, Magic’s Lakers or Bird’s Celtics, among many others. These teams can be used in the online game, which is still as interesting as in interior years. Keep highlighting My team, a section in which the user will have to build their dream set by opening envelopes in which player cards appear. A system very similar to FIFA Ultimate Team.

The objective is make the best possible template. Good enough to rival users around the world. The level, as always, is very high, so if you want to advance quickly online you will have to dedicate many hours to the game. Enough, at least, to master all the mechanics offered by the title. Just like in My Player mode, you can choose to go through the hoop, scratch your pocket again, and buy 2K coins with which to purchase the packs the players come in. Something that will help you build a set of guarantees faster. It remains that famous «pay to win»Which is becoming more and more widespread in sports video games.