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Online advertising climate is better than this summer

Online advertising climate is better than this summer

For example, the group of online marketers is expecting an increase of eight to nine percent in net sales in Germany in 2010. The results of the data analysis “Analyzer 2/2010” of the online marketplace Ad Scale also point in the same direction, because afterwards the general price level of online advertising rose slightly compared to the previous year. The average price for a thousand contacts in June 2010 on Ad Scale was 14 percent or 17 index points higher than in the same month last year.

However, online video advertising and special forms of advertising were generally among the winners on the Internet, while prices for standard advertising formats have fallen by around a quarter since December 2009. Standard advertising would still generate the highest turnover, but special advertising formats are rapidly gaining market share. While in January 2010 around 84 percent of total sales on Ad Scale were spent on IAB standard formats, this only applies to 70 percent in June. The reasons for this decline are the seasonal decline in campaign utilization in January, a higher proportion of very performance-oriented campaigns on IAB advertising media and a redistribution of the budget towards larger, special advertising formats.

Almost a third of all sales on Ad Scale are currently achieved through special forms of advertising and video advertising, with the latter growing strongly. Publishers now generate a good sixth of all sales with online video advertising. Cross-media campaigns in particular would contribute to this. However, the high demand from advertisers still meets a limited inventory supply. This is one of the reasons why the prices for video advertising have increased significantly in recent months. Since the introduction in December 2009, they have increased by 13.6 percent. The prices for special forms of advertising as a whole (for example layers, pop-under, tandem and expandable ads) remained stable at a significantly higher level. A comparison of the price levels shows, for example, that special forms of advertising are paid on average three to eight times as much as IAB advertising material. The average price for video interstitials is twice as high.

The winners of the survey included the thirty most successful publishers on Ad Scale, who have increased their revenues by 41.9 percent since the beginning of the year. The top 30 index, which shows the monthly revenues of the websites with the highest sales, almost reached the level of the Christmas business of 2009 as early as the middle of the year. The index thus developed as positively as in the previous year, but at a much higher base level. Responsible for this is, on the one hand, the significant increase in fully automated targeting campaigns that do not target target groups and environments, but primarily a high net reach. On the other hand, this positive development is evidence of the increasing acceptance of online marketplaces such as Ad Scale and other trading platforms among large agencies and marketers. In the first half of 2010, most of the sales in the top 30 index were spread across social media, followed by gaming and news sites. Business portals recorded the strongest growth in sales, followed by pages on the subject of home and garden and websites with an affinity for cars.