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Photos of the design elements of the iPhone 6C

Photos of the design elements of the iPhone 6C

The attention of the technological world interested in Apple’s activities has recently focused heavily on the alleged premiere of a cheaper version of the iPhone that is to appear this year. According to the content of an increasing number of reports, a smaller version of the smartphone is to appear along with the successors of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in September.

It will be dedicated to people who believe that the devices currently sold by Apple are unacceptable in terms of ergonomics of use with one hand. The screens of quite large sizes are to be a problem for most consumers when it comes to comfortable interaction with the use of a single thumb.

The iPhone 6C is also to be a product continuing the trend that was initiated by Apple in 2013, when the iPhone 5C appeared in the offer next to the flagship model.

Numerous rumors are more and more often diversified by alleged leaks full of photos of construction elements belonging to the upcoming smartphone. Recently, it was possible to look at the likely iPhone 6C motherboard, and now also other parts hidden under the housing.

The French website Nowhereelse has published on the pages of its website photos presenting tapes connecting the sound intensity control buttons, a sleep and mute switch and a LED flash with the motherboard.

Another allegedly authentic picture shows the Lightning connector, headphone jack and microphone. The whole is complemented by photos of the rings that protect the iPhone’s rear camera and the Touch ID fingerprint reader.

It is worth recalling that it is estimated that the latest iPhone, although it is probably a flagship model, will be equipped with an A9 processor, 2 GB RAM memory and Force Touch technology that reacts to the pressure of a human finger.

Source: MacRumors