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Rock hard during the beta in new trailers Resistance 2

Rock hard during the beta in new trailers Resistance 2

Only a month of patience and then we can get started with Resistance 2 after the first-person shooter violence of, among others, Far Cry 2 and Call of Duty: World of War. Today we get to see two fresh trailers with gameplay from the beta.

Resistance 2 is the sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man, a launch game for the PlayStation 3. The second Resistance game is set in the United States, where protagonist Nathan Hale is part of the Sentinels program. You will not only play a new story, but also expect improved boss fights.

The campaign is not only playable in single player, because you can also play offline co-op with two players or play online with eight gamers via the PlayStation Network. In addition, online matches with up to sixty players are possible. Each team is divided into several small teams, so that there is even more cooperation. There are also several player classes online, such as a Heavy, Medic and Special Ops, and the levels are built dynamically so that they will be slightly different every time.

You can also have a Chameleon vehicle that has the ability to camouflage itself. Other changes include improved AI and various graphical improvements, such as better shaders, lighting and textures. You will also encounter more opponents on the screen at the same time compared to the first Resistance game and finally the game has an improved system for checkpoints and health.

Resistance 2 is out November 28 for the PlayStation 3.