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Submit your project to Mobile Trends Awards

Submit your project to Mobile Trends Awards

It will be the 11th edition. The event is accompanied by a ceremonial Gala, during which the best projects and applications of the past year will be awarded. The gala will be hosted by Jarosław Kuźniar. Submit your project and win Mobile Trends Awards 2021 – we are waiting for applications by January 12!

Mobile Trends Awards (MTA) is the most prestigious award in the mobile industry. The statuettes are awarded to companies that have successfully used mobile technologies in their projects. As every year, entities with a strong market position will compete.

However, everyone has a chance to win, because the projects are assessed for professionalism, adaptation to the needs of users, innovation and recognition.

How to apply to the MTA?

Applications for awards are accepted until January 12, 2022 via the form on the mobiletrendsawards.pl website. It can be filled in by the client or the project contractor.

The nominations will be announced no later than February 15, 2022 on the same page. All nominees will be invited to take part in the MTA Gala where the best of the best will be selected!

The ceremonial Gala will be held on March 17, 2022 at 7.00 p.m. in Stara Zajezdnia Kraków by DeSilva, in Kraków at ul. Saint Lawrence 12. This important event for the IT market will also be broadcast to everyone on Facebook and YouTube on the Mobile Trends brand profiles. Participation in the MTA Gala venue is free for two representatives from each nominated and awarded company, and invitations will be sent to the e-mail addresses provided in the application.

The gala will be hosted by Jarosław Kuźniar. Such a unique event needs a suitable host. A person who will add splendor to every moment and give it the right tone. A lecturer who understands the industry and knows how to present the winners and distinguished persons. The star of the evening will be Natalia Capelik-Muianga. We had the opportunity to meet her wonderful voice in Mam Talent, The Voice of Poland, as well as from the performance of the song in the lead of the Big Brother program.

Applications for the MTA Awards are accepted in the following categories:

What is also important, the final categories will be announced on the basis of applications, so the Competition Jury is waiting for even the most innovative and unconventional applications. “If you don’t fit into any category, make your own!” – says the Kryzysowa Bride, Monika Czaplicka with a sneer. Therefore, anyone who meets the competition requirements and was active in 2021 can win!

Why is it worth applying to the Mobile Trends Awards?

MTA statuettes are an already recognized trophy of the Polish mobile market. Among the awarded so far there are, among others such applications and projects as InPost, Rossmann, Żabka, mBank, Hebe or Radio 357.

There can be many motivations for reporting – from honoring your effort to impressing your competition and absolute image benefits. Regardless of whether we want to show off the statuette in front of the team at work or publish a photo of it on our social profiles, it is worth showing how our projects or applications are assessed by experts.

Who will the awards go to in 2022? We will find out soon.

Mobile Trends Conference

MTC is the largest cyclical conference in Poland, which has been popularizing for 11 years new technologies, application design, design, UX UI, trends and marketing of the mobile industry.

The MTC scene means speeches by exceptional people, inspiration for action, as well as learning about the upcoming trends in the mobile market. All thanks to professional speakers and the company of great personalities, enthusiasts of the industry. This year, there will be performances by: Natalia Hatalska (institute), Artur Kurasiński (kurasinski.com), Artur Jabłoński (digitalk), Michał Szklarski (e-point mobile), Piotr Kowalski (Google) and Krzysztof Wojewodzic (Escola THERE ARE).

The conference organizers, for the safety of participants, will guarantee unvaccinated people to take a test before entering, so that they do not feel excluded from this important event!

Or maybe you want to become a speaker?

Speaking in front of a large audience is a challenge for many, but even the greatest actors and speakers have stage fright. They are saved by the knowledge and bravado with which they overcome their fears on stage! Becoming a speaker at the largest Polish conference on the mobile market will strengthen personal brand every professional. Submit your willingness to participate as a speaker at Mobile Trends Conference and test yourself in this unusual role. Call for papers for speakers lasts until January 29 this year.

Tickets for MTC 2022

Tickets for the conference can be purchased on the website 2022.mobiletrends.pl.

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source: information from the organizer | media patronage