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The number of tablet owners in the world is falling

The number of tablet owners in the world is falling

The latest data show that we are less and less interested in buying tablets, and their sales decline every year.

We have been observing a downward trend in the interest of tablets for several years, mainly due to the increasingly popular large smartphones on which you can watch movies and play mobile games that require hardware. The latest chart published by GobalWebIndex shows that Internet users not only do not buy new tablets, but many owners of these devices do not update their old “tiles”.

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In 2014, almost half of internet users declared they had a tablet. Just two years later, in 2016, this number had dropped to 42%. During the same period, we could see that the use of tablets has decreased in different kinds of applications. This shows, among other things, that many users use tablets less and less, and thus do not decide to buy new models.

One of the obvious reasons why tablets are becoming less used is the rise in popularity of large smartphones that offer increasingly similar features and, more importantly, bigger and better screens. In the last 2 years, during which the number of tablet owners has decreased, smartphones have recorded a clear 10%. increase.

Tablet sales from 2010 to Q1 2017.

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