Microsoft won’t stop expanding Game Pass at the end of April, or the service could be expanded with some pretty titles in the coming days.

  • Six new games will be added to Game Pass by the end of April
  • Among them is MLB The Show 21
  • But Destroy All Humans! or the Second Extinction is also expected to appear

Microsoft is used to expanding its Game Pass offerings on a regular basis, and of course this habit will not be abandoned in the last days of April. On the contrary, based on a recent blog post, a couple of percussive titles will be added to the subscription service over the next week and a half.

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The line will be opened by MLB The Show 21, which is already available for consoles and android today, and this by Phogs! follows, which comes on PC on the 22nd. This will be followed by an early access version of Second Extinction on April 28th for PC, console and android with the revamped Destroy All Humans! will follow on April 29 also for these three platforms. Finally, it arrives on April 30 for Fable 3 and Fable Anniversary on android, so the month can really end quite strongly.

Most of these games: coming soon

MLB The Show 21: coming extremely soon (today)

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– Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass) April 20, 2021


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