At one of the most important computer fairs of the year, the CeBIT in Hanover, there are always extreme things to be found. The latest ICT gadgets, companies revealing their latest plans, and… prizes! This time the German magazine PC Welt is going big, because they are going to raffle an astronomical PC worth 30,000 euros.

The ‘Höllenmachine3’ (HM3), as the PC is called, contains an Intel Skulltrail motherboard on which two up to 4GHz overclocked Core 2 Extreme QX9775 processors are placed. Two Coolit phase-change coolers should keep the processors fresh. In terms of graphics, two Geforce 9800X2 video cards are placed in a quad-sli setup and four 800MHz fb-dimms from Samsung provide no less than 8GB of memory. Furthermore, more than 4 terabytes of storage space have been provided, the system has a hybrid Blu-ray/HD-DVD and the PC has a true generator as power supply: a Thermaltake of 2000 watts.

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Or for the less technical among us: an incredibly powerful, over-the-top PC with which you might be able to play Crysis at very high.

You can participate in the raffle on this German site.


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